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What makes myBeepr secure?

myBeepr was developed to offer the highest level of security and confidentiality.
This has the following benefits:


Protect patient privacy


Reduce legal liability


Ensures regulatory compliance

Authenticated network


myBeepr ensures all users are authenticated prior to gaining access to a closed organisation network. By authenticating all users we can create an up-to-date, correct and safe network for users to communicate. myBeepr can integrate with an organisation’s Active Directory to allow seamless automated authentication


End-to-end encryption


myBeepr is true end-to-end encrypted and utilises the industry standard asymmetric encryption Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) as well as symmetric encryption AES-256 to encrypt data in transit and rest. What this means is that no third party, including myBeepr itself, can ever decrypt or read the messages. This is possible because myBeepr does not store the private keys required for decryption but instead allows the organisation to securely hold them – akin to myBeepr holding the safe but not having access to the key.


Mobile device security

The myBeepr mobile application contains various safeguards that allow us to protect the data transmitted. Application access is protected by a myBeepr pin and fingerprint biometrics. All data is encrypted, automatically wiped off end-users devices after a set period of time and stored securely on myBeepr’s healthcare grade secure cloud servers.


Secure clinical photography

The national guidelines on secure clinical photography were written by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Avant in 2017. myBeepr has ensured that its solution design complies with these guidelines. This includes an informed consent process, accurate tagging of clinical images with patient details and a searchable patient gallery.



Compliance with national standards

Proper handling of patient health information is governed by various state wide, national and international laws. These include the Australian Privacy Principles and various State and Health Records Act (VIC and NSW). myBeepr goes above and beyond these standards, allowing our users and partner organisations to rest assured.



Healthcare grade Infrastructure and hosting

myBeepr takes security very seriously. This is why myBeepr provides 24/7 support, 99.98% production platform uptime, proactive infrastructure monitoring and tuning for maximum application performance and technology in line with the top ten Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards.


Penetration Testing and External validation

myBeepr engages trusted third parties to conduct application-level and infrastructure-level penetration tests annually. We do this to verify that our regular vulnerability scanning is keeping the system safe and secure. Results of these tests are shared with our senior management and are triaged, prioritized, and then if needed remediated in a timely manner.


Customer Support

myBeepr prides itself on its customer relationships and the support it provides.


Dedicated support desk

We have a dedicated support desk in Sydney which is always on hand during business hours to help. You can contact them via email, phone and the Contact Us section in this website.


Service Level Agreements

myBeepr takes pride in delivering quality services and hence we offer Service Level Agreements to prioritise customer expectations. myBeepr provides 99.98% uptime commitment and standard resolution and response times to ensure no disruption to business operations.


Continued Success

myBeepr assigns a dedicated Program Manager to ensure ongoing success of myBeepr at your organisation.


Infrastructure Support

myBeepr has engaged Rackspace, an A-grade cloud-service provider that provides 24/7 operations support.

Implementation Services

Introducing digital technologies across large healthcare organizations can be a large project. myBeepr offers services to effectively communicate and execute the program to assure long-term success. Our experienced team of program managers get involved as early as the planning phase to ensure we get started right. myBeepr assists with creating a customised implementation plan that maps to your organisation’s requirements and timelines.

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