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Werribee Mercy implements myBeepr to improve organisation productivity and efficiency

Werribee Mercy Hospital is one of Victoria's leading healthcare providers

Werribee Mercy has become the second health services in Victoria to implement the myBeepr national clinical communication platform. Werribee Mercy implemented myBeepr to support clinical staff in their day-day workflow and chose the platform following its successful implementation at Western Health.

myBeepr is a cloud-hosted, enterprise, bespoke clinical collaboration platform that was implemented across 16 health services in Australia in 2021. The platform is backed by Avant Mutual, Australia’s largest medical indemnity provider for doctors, and allows clinical staff to conduct role-based messaging, transmit secure clinical photos and can be used as a LAN-paging replacement. The platform also allows hospitals to connect with GPs and specialists in the community, connecting acute and primary care.

Werribee Mercy Hospital implemented myBeepr organisation wide with the medical, surgical, anaesthetics, emergency, O&G and pharmacy departments going live first. The organisation formed a dedicated working group led by myBeepr’s customer success team and the main objectives of the rollout were to mitigate social media use at work, reduce the reliance on LAN-paging for non-urgent communication and provide a unified method of communicating and sending clinical photos. In the first 6 weeks of go-live, there was a >90% uptake, with >23,000 messages read, 50 care team groups created and 4,700 clinical photos shared.

Secure clinical photography

myBeepr saw heavy usage of its clinical photography feature. Over 4,700 photos were shared in the initial phase of the rollout. On myBeepr, users can take a photo (e.g, of a wound or ECG), tag it with the relevant clinical information, document informed consent, and then share the photo card with other staff members. The usage statistics at Werribee Mercy Hospital are similar to other implementations of myBeepr, including Western Health which shared >20,000 images on myBeepr over 12 months.

Dr Vikram Balakrishnan, CEO of myBeepr, said that high volumes of photos are being taken and shared on myBeepr because the platform combined rostering, photography and messaging into one App. “Our research shows that doctors want to use one platform to search a live roster, identify the on-call staff member, send a secure photo, and follow that up with a secure message. They take photos on myBeepr because we’ve made everything else seamless for them.

myBeepr is available to all hospitals across Australia.