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How myBeepr can assist in a Pandemic

myBeepr supports effective communication amongst COVID healthcare teams to ensure seamless collaboration and coordination of care in response to fluctuating needs impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

myBeepr members are using this proven communication solution to execute rapid response in managing coronavirus cases. These include acute care requirements in Emergency and Intensive Care, widespread power outages, disaster management plans, sepsis and infection control protocols, and facilitating urgent resource requirements including intubation, laboratories, blood banks, and pharmacy.

During emergency phases, active deployment of communication and reporting lines are critical and the usage of myBeepr’s communication application assists in preparing and planning for emergencies. Not only does myBeepr allow patient health information (PHI) and clinical photography to be transmitted amongst COVID response teams in a highly secure manner, it also reduces the time to close the communication loop on critical information, accelerates the commencement of protocols and facilitates decision-making for mobilisation of teams.

The best COVID communications strategy relies on accurate information delivered in a timely manner by the right personnel, so that a foundation of professional responsibility, trust, and transparency can be built. Effective COVID communications can also improve delivery of care and increase patient health outcomes.

Based on myBeepr user experiences, this document outlines best practices for communication and collaboration in COVID scenarios.

Group-Based Messaging Examples

COVID-19 Operations Purpose: To provide a private channel for supporting operations and coordinating priorities.

Roles: Members may include senior executives, CMIO, operational leaders, disaster management teams, infection control teams, After-Hours Managers, etc.

COVID-19 Patient Updates Purpose: To provide healthcare groups with specific patient updates, maintaining duty of care in shift changeovers, and coordinating multidisciplinary care such as medical treatment, surgical intervention, interventional procedures, treatment modalities, and other requirements. Roles: Members may include Visiting Medical Officers (VMO), Resident Medical Officers (RMO), Nurse Unit Manager (NUM), Nurse In-Charge, After-Hours Manager, Anaesthetist, Pharmacist, etc.

COVID-19 Request for Supplies Purpose: To provide COVID-19 departments with a direct channel for requesting supplies needed to care for COVID-19 patients.

Roles: Members may include Nurse Unit Manager (NUM), Nurse In-Charge, supply team leaders, Pharmacist, etc.

Broadcast Messaging Examples

COVID-19 Critical Notifications Purpose: To provide critical notifications and updates with leadership and critical roles in managing COVID protocols. Example: Critical notifications may include census reports, status reports, and staffing reports.

COVID-19 Updates Purpose: To provide a secure communication channel to all employees regarding COVID protocols, policy directives, employee safety, and mitigating the risks of infection.

Example: Employee updates may include information about new and existing services, new or amended guidelines, information about exposure risk, managing self- isolation, and periodic reminders relating to health and hygiene, handwashing, face masks, and social distancing.

COVID Role-Based Examples

COVID-19 Roles Based Messaging Purpose: COVID response care teams may also find it useful to include Organisation Roles when coordinating a rapid response. Users can message the role they need based on the shift schedule, so that messages are delivered to the right on-duty staff member.

Roles: These roles include, but are not limited to:

  • COVID Ward NUM

  • ED On-Call #1

  • ED On-Call #2

  • ICU On-Call #1

  • ICU On-Call #2

  • Respiratory On-Call

  • Intubation Consultant On-Call

  • Duty Anaesthetist

To find out more about how myBeepr can support your COVID communications, please contact your Customer Success Manager or send an email to

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