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Features designed to make your life easy.

myBeepr was developed by both doctors and families of patients, with every feature carefully considered to take patient care and efficiency to the next level. myBeepr is changing healthcare communication.

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Seamless Onboarding

Group Messaging

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Key Features

myBeepr lets you share messages, photos and other vital information securely with other medical professionals.

Live Profiles

Instantly see verified healthcare professionals profiles and make new connections based on field of expertise, location or other profile items.

Live On-Call Rosters​

With myBeepr, users can instantly see who is on-call for every specialty. Each user controls their own status from their own device, to let other team members know whether they’re available, busy or away.

Complete Hospital Directory​

With myBeepr, every health care professional in your hospital becomes contactable with just a few finger-taps. No more delays at the switchboard.

Secure Group Messaging

myBeepr lets you securely communicate with an entire care team simultaneously, to increase collaboration on treatment, make better decisions and reduce miscommunication. Creating care team groups for every patient is incredibly simple.

Secure Clinical Photography

With myBeepr, you can take and transmit clinical images securely and instantly, and easily add them to a patient’s file, so they can be easily accessed by any care team member at any time.

Secure Attachments

myBeepr lets you attach and send important files to individuals or groups, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Seamless Integration​

myBeepr is designed to be on-boarded quickly, and work seamlessly with the hospital, so that any impact on patient care is only positive. 

Multiple Linked Networks

myBeepr removes the barriers created when a patient is receiving treatment from multiple healthcare professionals, across different hospitals. Everyone treating a patient can stay connected, whilst the patient and or team move between facilities. 

Delivery Confirmation

myBeepr's ‘Individual Read Receipt’ feature provides message delivery receipts, that confirm who’s read a message and when – as well as indicating who hasn’t yet. This removes uncertainty and unnecessary follow-ups

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