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Here are all the questions we thought you might have about myBeepr.
If you have anymore, please let us know...we believe questions should be answered.



What is myBeepr?

myBeepr is a communication platform, specifically designed to improve patient care. The application is available on iOS and Android. Designed with an intuitive interface, the application allows healthcare workers to send and receive secure messages, take secure clinical photos and access other customised features specific to medical workflow, all whilst maintaining the privacy and security of patient health information (PHI). The platform has been built by Australian doctors, and is already being used by major hospital organisations across NSW and Victoria.



Why should an organisation implement a customised healthcare communication solution like myBeepr?

Implementing a healthcare specific secure messaging solution like myBeepr has been proven to improve healthcare delivery, and provide better patient care. Healthcare workers have very specific workflows that cannot be supported with a generic secure messaging solution – any application needs to be customised to meet their requirements. We make it our mission at myBeepr to continuously improve, and customise our product to mimic medical workflow. Our users enjoy these benefits:

Improved productivity and patient care

  • myBeepr reduces communication breakdowns by ensuring that healthcare workers can communicate efficiently, even on the go.


  • As a result of the myBeepr app being tailored to the healthcare environment, the tool is expected to improve communication especially in regards to clinical handover, group collaboration and by streamlining referrals. 


  • Better coordination and collaboration between care teams is achieved through:

    • The ability to instantly communicate among staff within the care team

    • Avoidance of non-productive repetitive follow-ups with care team members, and avoiding phone tag

    • Faster and more knowledgeable decision making, enabled by sharing secure clinical photos

    • Ability to easily and instantly identify and reach out to the correct hospital staff (active directories.)

Should myBeepr be made available to all healthcare staff, and if so, what are the benefits?

myBeepr allows all healthcare staff to access the platform including nursing and allied health, not just doctors. Evidence shows that communication breakdown amongst the care team looking after a patient, is the leading cause of treatment delay and adverse clinical outcomes. It is evident that the only way to improve communication, is if everyone in the organisation is using a unified, customised platform.

Can myBeepr improve the clinical workflow of healthcare staff?


Yes, studies prove myBeepr can improve clinical workflow.


Reduced time to close the communication loop:

  • In a hospital setting, hundreds to thousands of communication loops occur every day in patient care. The communication loop is defined as the time taken for a health care professional to send a message and receive a response – often this is a query regarding treatment, a referral to a new care team, or a request for assistance.

  • myBeepr reduces the time to close the communication loop by 83% compared to current communication systems. A prospective clinical study at a Tertiary NSW Hospital was conducted in 2016, comparing the time taken to close the communication loop on the wards between current lan-paging systems versus myBeepr. Using lan-paging systems, it took doctors on average 27 mins versus 4 mins and 30 seconds with myBeepr.


Reduce time to communicate critical results:

  • A significant proportion of radiological test results are not reviewed and actioned promptly by emergency department staff.

  • myBeepr took on average less than 1 min for critical radiological test results to be communicated to hospital emergency staff. A prospective study was conducted at Monash Medical Centre (Victoria) in 2019 assessing the time taken between a CT scan being reported by a radiologist, and an emergency department doctor reviewing the result using myBeepr. Traditional communication usually take hours. Using myBeepr, the average time for a CT result to be reviewed was 58 seconds

Can myBeepr drive efficiencies and provide a return on investment for your organisation?

Yes. We have proven that myBeepr will lead to improved hospital productivity, reduce the risk of data breaches, and ultimately reduce adverse patient outcomes.


myBeepr has been shown to:

  •  Reduce the communication loop by 88% in hospital wards.

  •  Reduce the time taken to communicate test results by >95%

  •  Reduce the use of non-secure messaging solutions by 90%.

Why is it superior?


How does my Beepr compare to other secure messaging providers?


90% User Uptake and Satisfaction

The biggest frustration for healthcare organisations is spending time and resources on expensive technology solutions that remain unused. myBeepr considers user uptake and satisfaction its number one benchmark. This is because myBeepr understands that the benefits of introducing an organisation wide secure messaging solution can only be realised if all staff are using the platform. myBeepr has been designed by Australian doctors and intricately customised for Australian healthcare workflow


First-class customer service and implementation support

myBeepr prides itself on its customer service. This service extends to each individual user via our training and on-boarding, as well as IT and administrators via our implementation taskforce and overall approach to change management.


On track to becoming a widely adopted communication solution in Australian Healthcare

myBeepr has engaged with multiple hospitals (both private and public) across NSW and Victoria, and is quickly gaining traction as organisations aim to implement a solution that doctors and nurses want to use.


Continuous Investment in innovation

myBeepr continues to invest heavily in its product by listening to its users and continually seeking feed-back and implementing the changes to their product.  Many innovative features have been developed in response to users’ requirements and user engagement is paramount to introducing and delivering a solution that healthcare staff actually want to use.


Awarded most innovative solution every hospital organisation should implement

myBeepr was awarded the Health Roundtable award for being one of the most important innovative solutions every hospital should be implementing in 2017.

Privacy Compliance


What are the Australian Privacy Principles and how does this relate to hospital organisations?

Various Australian laws and policies govern how organisations should deal with sensitive patient health information. The most important of these are the Australian Privacy Principles which comprise of 13 criteria that need to be met by a healthcare organisation to ensure compliance.


Some of the more important criteria include:

  • PHI should be stored securely and in an encrypted format in order to make it ‘indecipherable, unreadable or unusable’ should data be copied without authorization or the system hacked

  • PHI should not be stored indefinitely on healthcare workers personal mobile devices

  • PHI should be protected from unauthorised access on healthcare workers personal mobile devices

  • Healthcare professionals should be advised on procedures to follow in case of any loss or theft of personal mobile devices

  • Clinical photos should be taken in a manner compliant with the AMA and Avant National guidelines.



Is myBeepr compliant with healthcare laws and regulations?

Yes. Proper handling of patient health information is governed by various state wide, national and international laws. These include the Australian Privacy Principles and various Health and State Records Act (VIC and NSW). myBeepr goes above and beyond these standards, allowing our users and partner organisations to rest assured.


As an example, the AMA in collaboration with Avant released guidelines on clinical photography in healthcare. myBeepr has been designed to assist doctors in meeting these requirements.


For every clinical photograph the application prompts doctors to gain informed consent. The doctor is prompted to document this in the patient’s medical record. In addition, all clinical photos are tagged with the patient’s details (name, MRN, DOB) and all images are encrypted and stored within the myBeepr application (and therefore not accessible via the phone gallery).



Is myBeepr end-to-end encrypted?

Yes, myBeepr is end-to-end encrypted. Most solutions in the market are point to point encrypted failing to meet the highest security standards. For further information in regards to security please click on this link to the security section.



Will myBeepr provide training & implementation services?


Yes, myBeepr will train the users of the respective hospital and tailors its training program to the respective needs of the hospital. myBeepr will work collaboratively with the hospital to define how to deliver the best use of the app in regards to the clinical workflow.

Customer Support & Information


What customer support does myBeepr provide?


myBeepr has a comprehensive customer support framework in place. We have a dedicated support desk located in Sydney, Australia that can provide all levels of customer support during business hours. For further information in regards to the customer please click on this link to the customer support section.

Where can I find out more about myBeepr?


If you want more information on myBeepr or need help troubleshooting call us on +61742434380  between 9am and 5pm AEST/AEDST, send us an email, use the contact us form or book a no-obligation online demonstration.

Using the App


I cannot seem to send or receive a message on my mobile device?

If you are experiencing any issues with delay in receiving messages or being sent, this may be a result of the following:

  • Data Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi/Data Dead Zones


Data Connectivity


If you don’t have a very strong connection to 4G/LTE/3G towers, then you may experience some issues relating to message delays. In this case, it may help to turn the data off and connect to your organisations Wi-Fi for better connectivity.


Wi-Fi Connectivity


If your building or location is experiencing slower than normal Wi-Fi, or you are in an area of the building that is a “dead zone,” just simply wait and move to a location with a stronger Wi-Fi signal to begin sending and receiving messages.


Possible Delays in myBeepr Service


We will try our very best to ensure that each user receives a seamless user experience when properly connected to a data or Wi-Fi network. However, if your device is connected to a strong data or Wi-Fi connection, and you are still experiencing issues with myBeepr, please contact myBeepr support team.


What mobile devices are supported on Android?

The minimum required operating system (OS) to download the latest version of myBeepr is Android 5.0 and above.


How do I install the Android mobile application?


To install myBeepr on your Android device:


  1. Open the (google playstore android link)

  2. Tap Search(magnifying glass)

  3. In the Search bar, type myBeepr

  4. Tap the magnifying glass to search

  5. Tap the myBeepr Secure Messenger App entry (blue icon with big B)

  6. Tap INSTALL

  7. Tap ACCEPT to begin the download

  8. Once the download is complete, tap the OPEN button to enter the application


How do I install the IOS mobile application?



  1. Open the App Store

  2. Tap Search

  3. In the Search bar, type myBeepr

  4. Tap the blue Search button in the lower right-hand corner

  5. You will see an entry that says myBeepr Secure Messenger App. It is a blue icon with capital B. This is the application you will be downloading

  6. Tap GET, then INSTALL (If previously installed, a cloud icon with a downward facing arrow will appear – tap this to download)

  7. The App Store may ask for your Apple ID password (or TouchID if enabled on an iPhone 5s or newer) otherwise it will begin the downloading process

  8. Once the application has finished downloading, you will see OPEN in the place of the progress circle. Tap OPEN to enter the application

What mobile devices are supported for IOS?

myBeepr supports the latest two releases of IOS.


I’m still having issues – who should I contact?

In instances where any of the available solutions do not assist you with your issue, you can contact the myBeepr support team in the following ways:



Phone: +61742434380


When reaching out, please provide as much detail as possible and be

prepared to provide for further investigation:


  • First and Last Name

  • Your organization

  • You facility’s email address and/or your mobile phone number

  • Details of your issue


We will do everything we can to ensure that your organisation gets the most out of myBeepr

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