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"The team seemed quite cohesive and shared a common vision– I had subsequent dealings with a few members of the team...They also had what I thought was a good technology approach... –that gave us confidence that myBeepr would be compatible with NSW health infrastructure..."

Senior Specialist


Mobile and Web friendly

Comprised of myBeepr Mobile and myBeepr Web, this fully integrated software suite makes it possible for doctors, nurses, allied health providers and administrators to come together to communicate and coordinate their patient care securely, quickly, easily and dependably on all devices across iOS, Android and Web platforms.

Why every healthcare professional and business needs myBeepr

Communication loop reduced from 27 minutes to 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Critical test results communicated in less than
1 minute


90% reduction in the use of non-secure messaging platforms


Reduce burden on hospital switchboard

Compliance with national healthcare regulations
and laws


References: 1. Balakrishnan V, Bhagani K. Time to close the communication loop on a hospital ward – Prospective study at a Tertiary NSW Hospital. 2016.
2. Closing the loop on critical and changed radiology results – Prospective study in a Tertiary Victorian Hospital. August 2019. 3. myBeepr Pilot Results, 2017-2018

Why doctors love myBeepr

Doctors know that timely access to information can improve patient care and they remain frustrated with currently available technology. Research shows that >95% of doctors currently use social media platforms like WhatsApp to coordinate care. Doctors are in need of a secure alternative that is easy to use and has customized functionality tailored for their highly specific workflow.


And because myBeepr has been designed by Australian doctors for Australian doctors, the transition will be an easy one.

Why nurses and allied health professionals
love myBeepr

Everyone has the same goal - to provide the best patient care possible. Yet there are often logistical challenges that can get in the way of this, such as contacting the treating team, time lost waiting for call backs, not knowing if messages have been received and problems transferring information.

myBeepr removes all these barriers to care, and lets everyone communicate on a platform that is intuitive and easy to use.

Why hospital administrators
love myBeepr

Managing resources effectively is an ongoing challenge for administrative staff. They are faced with juggling care, cost, regulations, benchmarks, employee workloads and requests for innovation. myBeepr keeps care, communication and employee satisfaction high, and cost and liability low.

Why IT professionals
love myBeepr

myBeepr comes with dedicated local support, so that IT departments get all the help they need with onboarding, training and day-to-day management. Most importantly, as a software as a service and cloud hosted, myBeepr is easy to implement and requires minimal resources



Co Founder, CP&OO

Dr Balakrishnan

Co-Founder, CEO and Colorectal and General Surgeon


Co-Founder, CFO


Chief Technology Officer

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